Your True Halloween Stories II Part 1

Oct 15, 2023, 10:45 PM

Well well, dear friends, Spooky Season is upon us once again, so it's time to regale and chill you with true Halloween tales from within our ranks!  Our first story, which we're calling "She is Ours," comes from Andy, whose recurring nightmare leads to a standoff with higher powers.  Later, a study of palmistry plunges her into a shared vision with a stranger.  The following frightening account comes from Maryann, who gets an unwelcome response when you "Speak of the Devil."  And finally, Persephone endures a harrowing encounter that may be a puzzle piece to a lifelong mystery that seemed to come from "No Place at All."  Light the candles, prepare the beverages, and settle in for an evening of eerie testimony from some Legenders.  May all your dreams be pleasant tonight!

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