Andrea Stella: transforming McLaren

Oct 17, 11:01 PM

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Andrea Stella’s first season as McLaren Team Principal has been pretty phenomenal when you compare their start to the season to where they are now. 

After finishing outside of the points in five of the first eight races, both Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri are now fighting for podiums almost every week.

So how have they produced such an incredible turnaround in performance? Stella provides Tom Clarkson with a revealing insight into the culture he’s creating at McLaren, and how his experience of winning World Championships with Michael Schumacher at Ferrari can help him make the team a winning machine. 

Hear why he describes Schumacher as the ‘emotional engine’ during their time together, what made Ferrari so dominant back then, and why they weren’t able to repeat that success with Fernando Alonso later on.

Plus, Stella tells us Norris and Piastri’s greatest strengths, what fans can expect from the Papaya outfit in 2024, and much more.

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