Preparing Diverse Learners For College Success

Episode 307,   Oct 24, 2023, 01:00 PM

In this informative episode, Wendy converses with expert guest Eric Endlich, discussing college readiness for students with special needs. The discussion touches on critical aspects of the college search process and offers valuable insights into helping students transition successfully from high school to college. Eric provides essential guidance for students, parents, and educators in navigating the challenges and opportunities in higher education for students with learning differences.

Key Topics Discussed:

  1. College Search Process: Eric explains the unique considerations for students with learning differences in the college search process. He highlights factors such as location, cost, campus culture, and available support, including academic coaching.
  2. Early Planning and Disclosures: Learn the importance of starting the college search process early, contacting disability offices, and seeking accommodations. Eric emphasizes that self-advocacy should be encouraged, and students should actively understand and request the necessary support.
  3. Transition Pathways: Eric explores various transition pathways for students with learning differences. This includes non-degree certificate programs, community college, gap years, and post-graduate programs tailored to neurodiverse students.

The episode provides valuable guidance to students and parents on preparing for college, managing anxiety, and making informed decisions during the college search. Eric's insights underscore the significance of self-advocacy, balanced college lists, and recognizing college rejections as part of the learning journey.

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