Rewriting Our Healing Story ~ With Aoife McCormack

Episode 74,   Oct 30, 2023, 09:34 PM

We loved this episode with friend and colleague Aoife McCormack! Aoife is a mindbody coach and we chatted about all things healing, chronic pain, our core beliefs and values, rewriting our identity story, and so much more. Aoife has an incredible recovery story from chronic pain and we are excited to share this with you today.

What we chatted about:

  • The mindbody connection
  • The biology of stress
  • Trauma
  • Perfectionism in healing
  • Fear of pain and fear of "doing it wrong"
  • Disability and the 9-5 workplace
  • Our core beliefs
  • Chronic pain and period pain
  • Repressed emotions
  • Self-care and self-compassion when in pain
  • Self-love and self compassion

Join us for this very engaging and encouraging chat about the holistic and relationship nature of self healing!

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