[Side-Shot] Swamp's Eleven

Nov 02, 2023, 05:27 AM

Content Warnings: Bodily fluid; toxic siblings; jokes about addiction

Agents Asce, Iris, and Cadewyn are (mostly) unemployed after SUITS has been shut down, but a secret message offers them a new mission, and puts the fate of Vassa Natura in their questionably capable hands. Asce passes on a gift; Cadewyn steps up; Iris blacks out.

Ila Alexei is Agent Asce Harland and our artist
Essay Mnktl is Agent Iris Anson and our editor
Jordan Quiverns is our GM

Special guest Kevin Cole is Agent Cadewyn Silverleaf and the creator of Space Kings

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Our music was provided by Louie Zong.
Intro - La Carrera Gourmet; Midtro - Castle and Fortress; Outro - On My Way Home.