Christopher Robinson, The Premonition Man has an unseen edge

Nov 03, 2023, 04:19 AM

"I was about to start on a journey on which this total stranger from England would ultimately propel me to reconsider the entire history of my scientific career; and in the process come to new and meaningful conclusions." - Gary Schwartz, PhD. Professor of Psychology, Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry and Surgery at the University of Arizona.

Christopher Robinson - Dream Detective/Premonition Man - His NDE experience and decades of becoming fluent in deciphering dream codes have given him the confidence and assurance to confront - with evidence - detractors and built-in barriers inherent within the science community. His PSI abilities offer a definite edge.   

The Premonition Man. Website. Book. Amazon Affiliate Link.

About Chris: "The whole lifetime of Christopher Robinson, also known as The Premonition Man, has been an experiment in 'Communication' with the 'Other Side', mainly via his thousands of nightly, highly accurate, precognitive, lucid dreams."

Authors Grant and Jane Solomon are also authors of The Scole Experiment,
A five-year scientific investigation seeking evidence for Consciousness in the Afterlife and Hyperlife. Website.
Jeffrey Mishlove has a few interviews with Christopher, including the live stream interview: Further Inside the Mind of a Psychic with Christopher Robinson. YouTube Link.
*The 9/11 Precog Dream* Chris mentions working with Tom Drake. Senior Executive, US National Security Agency (Signals Intelligence). Decorated United States Air Force and United States Navy veteran. Whistleblower. 2011 recipient of the Ridenhour Prize for Truth-Telling. Co-recipient of Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence (SAAII) award. George Knapp interviewed Tom. YouTube audio.

"Through my work I got to know Chris Robinson, who’s a precognitive psychic. He has a unique ability. It’s still not well understood. He was having these dreams. And one of the dreams was the towers being hit. He’d actually gone to the US Embassy. And he had also gone to authorities in the UK. That information was openly shared with US Authorities. PRIOR to 9/11. And it was IGNORED."

Christopher sent me copies of his dreams, several newspaper headlines, and the explicit warning [to humanity] from the ET grand master to share on my blog. I'll add an updated link when it posts.

"Nowadays even presidents, vice-presidents, and heads of big agencies are opening their minds to accept psychic phenomena, because they know it works." - Uri Geller