Nov 12, 2023, 09:38 PM

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It's a JAM-PACKED episode talking the end of the Hollywood strike and the John Cena movie you won't ever get to see... all the details on NXT moving to The CW Network in 2024, the success it represents for what Triple H first envisioned a decade ago with NXT, what it means for Billy Corgan and the NWA and a report of growing frustration within the company, how Tony Khan had a chance to move Ring of Honor to The CW and PASSED on the opportunity and why he would have done that... which network is now favored to land the rights to WWE Raw... Vince McMahon selling MILLIONS of shares of his TKO stock and why this isn't the giant story some people are making it out to be... WWE said to have massive interest in signing a major name away from STARDOM and where things stand... how the WAR GAMES matches are shaping up right now for the men and women at Survivor Series, and the early favorites for the women's Royal Rumble... the state of the WWE tag team division and is it time to split the titles once again... Tony Khan announces the AEW version of New Japan's G1 Climax and Bryan Danielson as the first entrant, plus other names that should round out the field of 12... a possible big hint was dropped this week on who THE DEVIL is and running down each of the possibilities for who it could end up being... AEW FULL GEAR 2023 PREDICTIONS... Metalik refuses to lose to Komander on AEW Rampage and one person's detailed account of how Metalik has changed since his run in WWE... more drama out of MLW with MULTIPLE people asking for their release, including two names who MLW claims were already released months ago but didn't know about it (yes, I'm not kidding)... and what is the greatest NEAR FALL of all time in wrestling?

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