Special: It's A Jack Wagner & Heather Locklear Sorta Christmas

Dec 18, 2023, 10:00 AM

Falling and Spinning for Christmas.

We're off this week but we bring you two Again With Again With This episodes full of holiday cheer.

AWAWT 121: Let's Watch Jack Wagner In Falling For Christmas!

Netflix's "Hallmark, But Expensive?" movie Falling For Christmas features LiLo as an amnesiac heiress, and Jack Wagner as her hotel-magnate dad. It's a completely predictable bagatelle -- but were we charmed by it? Was Wagner's best work in the blooper reel? And can we get a Tad/Ralph spin-off or what?

AWAWT 124: Let's Watch Heather Locklear In Her First Spin City Christmas Episode!

Caitlin may be a new arrival to The Mayor's staff, but Heather Locklear is a veteran when it comes to parrying men's romantic overtures and pretending she's not interested herself. Her stubbornness is matched by Mike's in this holiday episode: join us as we mix and mingle, but stay away from the Croot Loops.


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