COOP! There He Is

Episode 487,   Nov 29, 2023, 10:00 AM

Celebrating the skyjack-iversary with three scripted takes on the legend!

For years, you've heard us sing the D.B. Cooper song; now you're going to hear us talk about him. Just because no one knows what actually happened to Dan Cooper after he jumped out of that plane with a bag full of cash doesn't mean TV writers can't speculate about it in their entirely fictional shows. Three shows -- Leverage, Prison Break, and NewsRadio -- had three very different versions of how he could have ended up; we're leaping in to all three with today's very special episode!


Lead Topic: 🪂 Leverage S05.E06: The D.B. Cooper Job

Lead Topic: 🏰 Prison Break S01.E11: And Then There Were 7

Lead Topic: 🎥 Buntsy's D.B. Cooper Doc Recs

Lead Topic: 📻 NewsRadio S05.E06: Jail; S05.E07: The Lam; S05.E08: Clash Of The Titans


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🪂 Leverage S05.E06: The D.B. Cooper Job on Freevee

🏰 Prison Break S01.E11: And Then There Were 7 on Hulu

📻 NewsRadio S05.E06: Jail on The Roku Channel

📻 NewsRadio S05.E07: The Lam on The Roku Channel

📻 NewsRadio S05.E08: Clash Of The Titans on The Roku Channel

🫵 I Am DB Cooper on Prime Video

👀 Sarah's review of I Am DB Cooper at Best Evidence

🛩️ The Mystery Of D.B. Cooper on Prime Video

✍🏻 Sarah's review of The Mystery Of D.B. Cooper at Primetimer


🤔 Sarah's review of DB Cooper, Where Are You?! at Best Evidence

🕵🏻‍♂️ Unsolved Mysteries S01.E05 on Freevee


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