DJ GlibStylez - The Underground Bangerz Mixshow Vol.75

Episode 75,   Nov 29, 2023, 09:35 PM

BRAND NEW episode.. Vol.75 of The Underground BANGERZ Mixshow!! Strictly Underground East Coast Hardcore Hip Hop (NO MAINSTREAM NO MUMBLE RAP) REAL HIP HOP IS NOT ON THE RADIO! Nothing but Boom Bap beats & lyricism.. pure uncut UNDERGROUND HIP HOP!!! Thanks for tuning in!!
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  1. Reese Tanaka x GlibStylez - Underground Bangerz Intro
  2. Salute Da General x Passport Scoob - The 2Six Chainsaw Massacre (ft. Sunny Tha Star, Blaque Watch & Carolina Cool Slim)
  3. Switch - Sabu (Prod. by Xynfe)
  4. M.I.C. Murphy x Hilltop Productions - Yakuza
  5. 1080P x PiFF Penny - What You Like
  6. A-F-R-O x IKOM - Ambition
  7. Kore x M-Dot - No Exceptions (Prod. by Kore & Quiz)
  8. King Woodz - Duke
  9. Reek Osama x Circa 97 - Skummy Szn (ft. Snotty)
  10. Urban Legend x DW Underground - Be Right (ft. Rambunxious x Taiyamo Denku)
  11. Jizzm High Definition x HardMoney - Party Bus
  12. Record Pause Play - Written
  13. Supa Kaliente x IM'PERETIV - Here I Am
  14. Pete Powerz x Fazeonerok - 5 Boro Thoro (Prod. by Johnny Slash)
  15. Barbaric x Alvarez Masterminded - Bloodbath (ft. M Doc Diego, Crotona P Prod. by 58Fever)
  16. King Bliss - Pastels (ft. Ras Kass)
  17. M Doc Diego x Noam Chopski - Free Game 2 (ft. Barbaric)
  18. Chubs x Farmabeats - Crystal Lake Baptism (ft. Qu'ality)
  19. Dirty Needles - That One Time In Philly (Prod. by Reese Tanaka)
  20. Subtex - Needle in Her Arm (Prod. by DC the Midi Alien)
  21. JFliz - '95 (Prod. by A-Rush)
  22. M.I.C. Murphy x Micky Nuklz x Hilltop - Only Escape
  23. Planet Asia x MidaZ The BEAST - And 1 (Prod. by SHARP)
  24. Prop Hustler - Through The Concrete
  25. Sparkerdero - Rant 
  26. Terror Van Poo x Vinny Idol - This Is How (ft. Tahmell)
  27. ThisIsHipHopp - Odds Against Me (ft. Miskeen Haleem)
  28. Abyss - On Sight (ft. Milez Grimez Prod. by Applied Dynamics) [cuts by DJ Slipwax]
  29. JRoberts - Paid In Full (ft. Shottie Prod. By Cee Gee)
  30. Locksmith x Snak The Ripper - Watch Your Mouth (Prod. by C-Lance)
  31. Pretty Bulli - She's A Problem (Prod. by Kidd Called Quest)
  32. Tre-Dot x Brian Grindin - Culture
  33. Isaac Castor x Hir-O - I Wanna Be