Episode 35 - High School Drama Students Steal The Show

Season 2, Episode 35,   Dec 07, 2023, 06:45 PM

When discussing extracurricular activities in our North Clackamas high schools, the conversation often turns to athletics.  But what about the hundreds of high schoolers who spend countless hours before and after school practicing an instrument, singing in choirs, or like this week’s special guests, creating costumes and memorizing lines for an unforgettable drama performance?  This week, meet Nelson High School sophomore Melly DaMetz, junior Tyson Thames, and junior Emily Sutliff…three lively leaders of the school’s latest stage production, “Alice In Wonderland.”  We go behind-the-scenes to learn what it takes to bring the famous children’s story to life, especially when your school currently doesn’t offer any drama classes during the school day.