Ten More Sleeps 'Till Christmas

Season 1, Episode 9,   Dec 08, 2023, 07:30 AM

There's only ten more sleeps ‘till Christmas. 
Santa is on his way 
With lots of toys for boys and girls. 
I can't wait for Christmas Day. 
The elves have been busy working hard all year. 
They must be very glad that Christmas time is here. 

Nine more sleeps ‘till Christmas. 
Daddy got our tree today 
And bought new lights at the shop. 
I helped with the decorations around the bottom. 
He did the ones around the top. 
You should see our Christmas tree in the corner of the sitting room. 
It has lots of sparkling lights. 
There'll be presents under it soon. 

Eight more sleeps ‘till Christmas. 
I hope Santa got my letter. 
I told him what I'd like. 
“Could the elves make a doll for me? 
And I'd really like a bike.” 
Mummy marks the sleeps off the calendar on the wall. 
Eight sleeps seem a long time. 
I don't understand it at all. 

Seven more sleeps ‘till Christmas.
It’s getting closer by the day. 
I wish Christmas was tomorrow. 
It seems such a long way away. 
Mummy, are you sure Santa knows where I live? 
I said we lived up the hill at number 44, but I'm worried mummy.
He might give my presents to the boy next door. 

Six more sleeps ‘till Christmas. 
We're learning hymns for our school Christmas play. 
Daddy says he can't wait to see me on the stage.
I have to dress up as an angel. 
My best friend is going to be Mary. 
She has to be out the front with Joseph. 
I'd find that a small bit scary. 

Five more sleeps ‘till Christmas. 
The play is on tonight. 
Our mommies and daddies will be looking at us. 
We have to do it right. 
I'll wear a white dress with sparkling things in my hair. 
All our class will be on stage. 
I hope they'll see me there. 

Four more sleeps ‘till Christmas. 
There's only a few days to go. 
It's getting cold outside now. 
The garden is covered in snow. 
Santa doesn't mind what the weather is like. 
He can land a sleigh anywhere. 
He can land on grass or snow. 
The reindeer don't care. 

Three more sleeps ‘till Christmas. 
Mommy, are you sure Santa knows where I live? 
I told him in my letter. 
Our house is up on the hill. 
There's no need to worry, dear. 
Santa knows where all the children live. 
There are times I wish my memory was as good as his. 

Two more sleeps ‘till Christmas.
Santa will soon be here.
Mummy will leave out a carrot for Rudolph
And for Santa, a glass of beer.
When Santa comes down our chimney
He’s going to be dirty from head to foot.
Mummy move the crib back
Or baby Jesus will get covered in soot.

One more sleep ‘till Christmas. 
I'm not going to bed tonight. 
I'm going to stay awake till Santa comes. 
I'll sleep tomorrow night.
Wake up! Mummy, Daddy! 
Look! Look what I got. 
Well, aren't you a lucky dear? 
But will you go back to bed now? 
It's only six o’clock.