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Are you tired of reciting the same old nursery rhymes to your little ones night after night? If so, then it's time to spice things up with a brand new collection of poems that will reignite the joy and wonder of childhood.

Introducing "Roger’s Rhymes" - a fresh and exciting series of poems that will stimulate your child's imagination and leave them begging for more. 

"Roger's Rhymes" is a collection of poems written by Roger Hickson, a grandfather from Ireland who wanted to create something special for his grandchildren. With his pen as his wand, he weaved a series of playful and imaginative nursery rhymes that are sure to captivate the hearts and minds of children everywhere.

From silly creatures and fantastical lands to everyday experiences and heartfelt emotions, each rhyme is crafted to playfully engage young imaginations and stimulate a love for language and storytelling. With a skillful hand for rhythm and rhyme, “Roger's Rhymes” dances off the page and into the hearts of those who read them.

Whether recited aloud or whispered in the ear of a sleepy child, "Roger's Rhymes" are sure to bring a smile and a sense of wonder to all who hear them. So come along and explore the whimsical world of Roger's imagination, where anything is possible and rhymes are the key to unlocking magic.

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