Zigmund Adamski – A Paranormal Cold Case Part 1

Dec 10, 2023, 03:14 AM

Zigmund Adamski, a Polish immigrant miner, left his house in Tingley, England, heading to the corner shop to buy some potatoes.  He would go missing for five days and turn up dead on a pile of coal over 25 miles away to the west in the village of Todmorden on June 11, 1980.  Police Constable Alan Godfrey was called to investigate and found puzzling clues at the scene.  No signs of foul play were detected on the body, with the only wounds being burn marks on the top of the head and a weeping wound at the base of the neck where it appeared a green salve had been applied.  Adamski’s dress shirt was missing, but in its place was a mesh undershirt he wasn’t wearing when he left.  Not only did he appear awkwardly redressed, but he seemed to have been given a crude haircut and a recent shave.  There were no signs of any disturbance in the coal pile from Adamski having crawled up it nor anyone having dragged him atop it in broad daylight at an active workplace.  Yet the most baffling clue may be that the coroner and toxicologists never identified what the green ointment was.  Most disturbing was that Adamski was found with eyes wide open, looking as though he died of sheer terror.  That may have been the end to an open and not-so-shut case, except for what happened to PC Godfrey five months later.  Around 5:00 a.m. on a wet November morning in Todmorden, Alan Godfrey was on patrol looking for stolen motorbikes when a bright, diamond-shaped object blocked the road.  Hovering about five feet off the pavement with its bottom half spinning, the craft was 20 feet wide and 14 feet high as Godfrey stopped to sketch it.  The next thing he knew, he was driving again, having gone past the craft with around 30 minutes of missing time.  While initially encouraged by his superiors to be publicly interviewed about his encounter, he would soon face ridicule from his peers and a determined effort by police administrators to ruin his career.  So, is there an extraterrestrial connection between the mysterious death of Zigmund Adamski and the close encounter of Alan Godfrey?  We’re fortunate to get some help with this investigation from eminent and esteemed UFO researcher Philip Mantle, who grew up in the Tingley area.  Mr. Mantle lays out the case that while one event may have a weird yet commonplace explanation, the seemingly connected occurrence may still be out of this world.  As we’ve always thought, the ordinary and the extraordinary are not mutually exclusive and are often found together.

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