Season 2, Episode 1,   Jan 01, 05:00 AM

Fittingly for the opening episode of our new season, Ian’s guest today is the primary reason why he decided to set forth into the slightly unhinged and overly obsessed world of Doctor Who podcasting. One of the best known podcasters in fandom, Joe Ford is the man behind Doctor Who pods Nimon Be Praised, Finish Big and – the show that first got me hooked – the brilliantly named Hamster With A Blunt Penknife – and its spin-off – the Hamster bookclub. And, as well as his Who output, he’s also one of the hosts of the acclaimed Star Trek pod Untitled Star Trek Podcast and – a new venture – an episode-by-episode study of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, with Martyn Havel of Bad Wilf Productions.

Joe’s Five choices are:

  1. The Trial of a Timelord (VHS box set) – TV story, first broadcast in 1986
  2. Doctor Who: The Script of the Film – script to Doctor Who: The TV Movie, first published in 1996
  3. Mad Dogs and Englishmen – an Eighth Doctor novel by Paul Magrs, first published in 2002
  4. Doctor Who and the Pirates – a Big Finish audio drama by Jacqueline Rayner. First released in 2003
  5. The Power of the Doctor – TV story, first broadcast in 2022