Season 2, Episode 2,   Jan 08, 05:00 AM

Joining Ian to sit shivering in a concrete cell with only tins of cat food for nourishment this week is Darren Scott, editor of SFX – the world’s most successful sci-fi, fantasy and horror magazine. In a career spanning over 20 years, Darren has written for all manner of publications, including the Guardian and the Independent, as well as spending 10 years as editor of Gay Times, the largest, longest-running and most-recognised LGBTQ+ magazine and website. A massive Doctor Who fan, Darren’s also been a marvellous champion of us at Cutaway, and articles, features and comic strips galore have graced SFX’s pages – with even more to come.

Darren’s five choices are:

  1. Time and the Rani – TV story, first broadcast on BBC1 in 1987
  2. The Happiness Patrol, TV story, first broadcast on BBC 1 in 1988
  3. Shakedown: Return of the Sontarans – direct-to-video film from Dreamwatch Media, first released in 1995
  4. School Reunion – TV story, first broadcast on BBC1 in 2006
  5. The Waters of Mars – TV story, first broadcast on BBC1 in 2010