Five Absolute Parenting Truths and The Year-Ender Birthday Party!

Season 1, Episode 82,   Dec 27, 2023, 12:34 AM

In tonight's show of course the dads kick off with a little catch up, a little soup, a little day light savings time and MK's new birthday chair. Tweets of the week themed around New Years. Then on our Smart Articles by Smart People we discuss "The 5 Absolute Truths I’ve Learned in 10 Years as a Parenting Editor"
from one of our favorite experts; Amy Joyce from Washington Post’s (On Parenting) in her last published article. Then we’ll break down some top 10 lists holiday movies and music…and finally they wrap up with a quick quiz from Krafty Lab on Holiday Movies and things that make them smile with a giant dose of year end gratitude.

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