Bonus From Patreon - Can’t Stop Destiny (Love After Lockup)

Episode 180,   Jan 03, 11:00 AM

As part of our dark week, we have a special surprise for you all! This is a bonus episode, previously exclusive to our Patreon page and originally published on 10/5/23. Once per month all Patreon tiers receive Love After Lockup coverage, along with weekly bonus episodes of all of the true crime shows that you know and love (Disappeared, Forensic Files, American Detective and more). Join now at

From Love After Lockup S4E11 - Shawn's surprise call may threaten his wedding to Sara; Lindsay is newly free, but her old life comes calling; Marcelino stuns Brittany; Kevin and Tiffany look for a girlfriend; Chance drops a bomb on Bobbie; Branwin's friends grill her about Chazz.