“Dane Talks to the Opposite Sex" | Mirth, Magic & Mayhem Ep02 | Dragonbane RPG / Drakar och Demoner

Episode 109,   Jan 09, 05:01 AM

Step into the rich tapestry of Dragonbane RPG as our actual play podcast unfolds in the Misty Vale, a region steeped in history as the heart of the Dragon Empire thousands of years ago. Join our diverse band of adventurers—

Dane, the astute human scholar; Quiverwing, the Mallard Mage; Brains, the Wolfkin Thief; Sigyn, the Elven Huntress; Karyn, the Halfling Bard; Korgan, the Halfling Fighter; and Balor, the Dwarven Smith.

Together, we’ll explore the ancient secrets of a long forgotten empire, facing challenges and forging our destiny in a world where every castle, cave and crypt holds echoes of a bygone era.

Get ready for an epic journey filled with laughter, suspense, and unforgettable moments in the Misty Vale!"

Join us for Mirth, Magic & Mayhem! 
(Ankor och Åsnor)

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