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Jan 14, 06:01 AM

Ingo's message: “We are not alone on this planet.”

Long time coming for those of us who have been reading between the lines over the past decade and/or more. The new section on the Ingo Swann website is devoted to NHE, Non-Human-Entities: Ingo Swann

Conversation with Ingo's niece. Elly Flippen manages the Estate of Ingo Swann. She talks about the importance of the page addition and what Ingo might advise Remote Viewers who are trying to contact ETs.

Amazon Bio: INGO SWANN
was internationally known as an advocate and researcher of the exceptional powers of the human mind, and as a leading figure in governmental and scientific projects to investigate and identify the scope of subtle human perceptions.

The NHE page includes
new information gathered from articles, correspondence and personal writing, in addition to that previously covered in Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy, Special Edition Updated, Amazon affiliate link.
From the Ingo Swann Non Human Entities Page:

  • His message: these entities have a SERIOUS type of telepathy capable of something dire; a type he names as telepathy plus, one which is beyond being a channel for information exchange, one capable of mind control and scrambling human consciousness.

  • After the book was published, he began to experience terrible headaches and pain in random places throughout his body. He determined he was being psychically attacked and found a way to make some sort of telepathic contact with these entities in order to fend them off.

  • After going through a list from where, Earth, no, space, no, the Moon, no, the Sun, no, he circled the words “another dimension.” Despite his efforts, they remained a source of sporadic pain to him for the rest of his life. Several of his sorting out the psychic attack notes are in his archives at the University of West Georgia.
Was Ingo ever in contact with NHEs?

Yes, Ingo, when questioned, in his interview published in Psychic Magazine in 1973, if he had any experiences with so-called discarnates, said, “I have been aware of other beings around who are not inhabiting bodies but I don‘t think of them in terms of ghosts or people who have gone to higher elevations or anything like that...They seem to be very tortured individuals.“

What would Ingo say about interacting with Non Human Entities?

From his book Penetration: “They’re dangerous. Be careful!“

“All humans have clairvoyant sensing facilities, and this is the reason they keep emerging in spite of any societal resistance to them.” - Ingo Swann


Video link: Ingo's presentation 1/7. Talking about the light spheres that showed up during a photo session with [IR] infrared photography.

Documentary info: A Life Gone Wild:

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