2024 Year of The Thunder Dragon with Tina Falk

Episode 147,   Jan 15, 02:37 PM

We are stepping into a year with intensity, magic and fierceness. People can feel it. It can be oh so exciting but also a little unsettling feeling the swirling underbelly of this new energy. 

In this episode I am talking with feng shui expert Tina Falk. When I want to know the themes of the new year she is my go to gal. She tells us what we can expect in this powerful year of the Yang Wood Thunder Dragon! So exciting!

Tina Falk
Founder of VIA Feng Shui
Professional Feng Shui Educator and Chinese Astrologer

Tina is an innovative educator who trains and certifies feng shui practitioners globally. She creates meaningful dialogue and tools to enhance any feng shui experience. With a background in other modalities such as numerology, chakras, and L.I.F.E. meditation with a Buddhist Meditation Master, Tina takes a comprehensive look at connections between your mind, body, soul, spirit and our environment.

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