John Mark Comer on Spiritual Maturity

Jan 16, 08:00 AM

In this episode Jennie and John Mark Comer talk about spiritual discipline, why spiritual maturity is not just more knowledge, anxiety, and how this all plays out in their real lives. 

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  • 2:46 Focusing on being with Jesus, becoming like Jesus and doing what Jesus did is the foundation to all of life.
  • 3:15 John Mark shares his vision for life and how it all started.
  • 4:29 Jennie and John Mark describe current church history, American christian culture, and the prevalent political polarization we live in.
  • 8:03 What apprenticeship to Jesus means and how it captures a better mental model of what it means to learn from Jesus and disciple under Jesus.
  • 13:16 John Mark describes how we as Christians learn the way of Jesus
  • 26:00 The invitation of Jesus is not to “more” on top of your already-maxed-out life, but it is to breathe, slow down and reorder your life around what matters most. 
  • 28:33 One of the roles of anxiety and how to navigate it.

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