Emotional Maturity

Feb 06, 08:00 AM

We are all thinkers AND feelers.  In this episode, Jennie provides insight into how our emotions draw us closer to God and each other with the ultimate goal for us to experience God in our lives in fullness and freedom. 

  • Using the muscle of feeling will grow emotional maturity
  • What emotion are you afraid to feel? 
  • Uncovering your emotions can feel like you are pulling out these threads that are tangling you up and while working through those emotions, those threads become these ropes that connect you to God. 
  • Everywhere we look in the world, there is emotional brokenness. As a follower of Christ who brings Jesus into the world through our words and actions, we need to be spiritually AND emotionally mature. 
  • Emotions are the greatest place of need and we enter the Gospel into the greatest place of need. 
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