Beyond the Balance Sheet | Deeper Than Doug - Cody Hofhine

Episode 58,   Jan 18, 02:00 PM

In this episode of Deeper Than Dough, host Bennett Maxwell welcomes entrepreneur Cody Hofhine for a soul-stirring conversation that transcends profit margins and dives into the true depths of human purpose. Hofhine, who defied ridicule to build a thriving brand, offers a refreshing perspective on redefining success beyond material wealth. This exploration delves into the transformative power of aligning business with a greater mission, navigating real-time economic challenges with resilience, and discovering the profound impact of service on both individual and collective well-being.

Be captivated by Hofhine's candid journey, from overcoming adversity to embracing gratitude – even in the face of grief – as a source of unwavering joy. He shares practical insights on initiating the journey of giving back, harnessing the transformative power of creation for the benefit of others, and cultivating an unshakeable humility amidst success. This episode is a masterclass in living not just for financial goals, but for lasting fulfillment, reminding us that the true riches of life lie beyond the balance sheet.

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