Episode 37 - Our DLI Program Hits The High Notes

Season 2, Episode 37,   Feb 01, 05:45 PM

As the first round of final exams wraps up in NCSD high schools, we shine the spotlight on three amazing Rex Putnam High School students whose journey through NCSD schools has looked (and sounded) a little different than most of their peers.  These high-achieving high schoolers have been a part of the district’s Dual Language Immersion (DLI) program since elementary school, meaning they’ve spent parts of their days learning in English…and the other parts 100% in Spanish.  This week, meet seniors Sebastian Castillo-Graduno and Leslie Osorio Martinez, along with sophomore Dahlia Sanchez Martinez, who share how growing up in NCSD’s DLI program has not only helped them develop bilingual skills, but also develop lifelong friendships that even resulted in the formation of a successful local band!