20| Wander in Wonder: Mike Turner

Feb 07, 05:00 AM

God, for some, is a figure of mighty power and a source of light and encouragement during trying times. For others, that source is Mother Nature. And for a few, the source is both God and Mother Nature combined. 

And what happens when trying times arrive? Do you stay dedicated, or does your faith waiver? Do you crumble to your knees, or fight your way forward? 

This is the story of Mike Turner, and how when every obstacle before rose higher and higher, he held on to his two favorite things: God and Mother Nature. 

The outdoors are a beautiful that can be filled with light and bliss and many different ways to bring yourself closer to those you love and yourself. But they can also be filled with terror and death, imminent and oppressive. Join me as we dig into these stories that inspire you to be just a little bit more careful while you’re in the outdoors. Please rate and subscribe from whatever listening platform you use. 

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