the welsh agenda - Living and working in the Welsh language - with Matthaus Bridge, Sion Jones, Leila Navabi, and Efa Gruffudd Jones (Welsh and English)

Feb 05, 04:12 PM

Welcome to the welsh agenda podcast. In this episode, our resident editor Matthaus Bridge reflects on his journey as a bilingual English and Welsh speaking journalist as he enters the professional world after learning the language in school.

A few words from Matthaus: 'Like many people my age, I learnt Welsh in school, and am now the first and, to date, only, fluent Welsh speaker in my family. In my life, I navigate different professional and personal identities, and it sometimes feels like it can be hard to reconcile both. In this podcast, I spoke to researchers, government officials and artists.'

In this podcast, Matthaus speaks to Dr Sion Jones, Senior Lecturer in Sociology, stand up comedian Leila Navabi, Professor Martin Johnes, and Welsh language commissioner Efa Gruffudd Jones.

This podcast includes Matthaus's conversation with Dr Sion Jones in its original Welsh version.