5 Natural Things Men MUST Do to Keep Their Stiff...Stiff

Feb 14, 06:03 AM

The process of aging happens whether we like it or not, but there are biohacks that can minimize some of age related shrinkage and other erectile issues. On this episode of Give Me and E, Dr. Rachael reveals five all natural things that you have to do to keep your stiff stiff into your golden years. 

Dr. Rachael answers questions about erectile issues after accidents and chemotherapy, as well as dietary factors that may contribute to poor erection quality.

00:59 - Understanding the Aging Process and Its Impact on Erections

01:18 - Exploring Natural Solutions for Maintaining Erection Health

02:23 - The Importance of Antioxidants and Fighting Free Radicals

04:29 - The Role of Exercise in Maintaining Erection Health

06:58 - The Impact of Pornography on Erection Health

09:15 - The Importance of Hydration for Erection Health

11:42 - Listener Question: Overcoming Erection Issues Post-Chemotherapy

18:21 - The connection between gut health to sexual health

25:39 - Dealing with performance anxiety

32:40 Listener Question: Smoothie Recipes for Erection Health