One Exercise That Increases Testosterone, Breaking Free of Sexual Addiction and What you MUST Know Before Having BPH Surgery

Apr 24, 05:15 AM

On today's episode of Give Me an E! Dr. Rachael is answering your questions on how to recover from porn and masturbation addiction, if testicular massage really helps boost testosterone, a dive in the sex drive, why all diets aren't the same, and how a tennis ball used in the right way can stimulate your sex drive.

In this episode...
- Is it possible to stop a porn habit?
- Testicular massage increasing blood flow and free testosterone
- Sudden sex drive plummet. What’s the fix?
- Which of these four diet choices are best?
- Due diligence when heading for BPH Surgery
- Increasing drive and connection with your partner

Whether you're dealing with ED, curious about boosting your nitric oxide levels, or just want to learn more about maintaining peak sexual health, this episode has something for everyone. Get ready to empower your sexual wellness journey with Dr. Rachael Ross!

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