Super Mario Bros. (2023)

Episode 1,   Feb 09, 01:00 PM

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Roll the dice and hit play, fellow cinephiles, because Movies R Us is back with another nostalgia-packed episode that's sure to level up your film knowledge! In this pixelated adventure, we're diving into the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond, exploring the colorful legacy of Super Mario and his digital compatriots as they make the jump from console to cinema.

🍄 "It's-a Me, Mario!" - From Pixels to the Big Screen 🍄

Ever wondered how a plumber and his brother could possibly save a princess and the world, both on your TV screen and in the theater? Join Desmond, Phatty, and Jeremy as they warp through the pipes of movie history, uncovering the quirky, the questionable, and the quintessential adaptations of our favorite video game characters.

From the high-octane thrills of "Super Mario Bros." (1993) to the recent animated exploits in "Super Mario Bros." (2023), we're breaking down what it takes to translate interactive escapades into cinematic spectacles. Plus, we're tossing in some bonus levels with discussions on "Grandma's Boy," "Wreck-It Ralph," and "Ready Player One"!

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📋 Episode Chapters

(00:00) Welcome to our new show. If you don't join our Patreon, you may not receive DVD
(04:24) Jeremy: This podcast is going to focus on video games and board games
(07:17) We are going to start with the most recent Super Mario brothers
(10:23) Jeremy, first time I ever saw anyone playing Nintendo was 1986
(13:28) Justin: Probably right after that, I think my brother
(14:56) Des and M. are starting a new podcast called The Movie Podcast
(16:11) Spike: I thought this movie looked amazing. I'm not the hugest fan of animated stuff
(19:10) First of all, the actors they have in know not to just name drop
(21:57) Cormac has now rolled three colds in a row
(22:34) Have we started the movie yet? Yes, absolutely. Yeah, we started talking about the movie
(23:27) Well, keegan michael key, uh, is toad. Toad is the only toad
(24:04) Are they historically from New york? Because I know both mario movies make big deal about Brooklyn
(26:14) How much did you guys play beyond nes? Have you guys played every Mario
(28:23) During the third generation of video game consoles, tutorials on gameplay were rare
(30:59) Did you guys read the article that someone finally broke Tetris
(34:38) Desmond falls asleep to a live studio audience thanks to YouTube
(36:50) Justin didn't own a console until he bought a PlayStation
(40:48) You busted your chin. Did you have to go to the hospital for stitches
(41:46) There's definitely some similarities between this movie and Neon Genesis Evangelion
(44:45) So anyways, I just wanted to bring that up because Will was talking about it
(45:49) You asked what, uh, games that we kind of got into
(48:27) Jeremy: Go on YouTube and watch some of the speedrun videos
(52:32) We're going to alternate between Wheel of Time and movies
(55:01) What month is going to be official Uve bowl month for movies
(57:26) Jeremy: I think this movie should be watched casually
(01:03:10) Al: Yoshi egg in 98 Godzilla movie made me think of Jurassic park
(01:07:06) Desmond: I wanted a racing game that was familiar but new


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