Ouija (2014)

Episode 8,   May 17, 12:00 PM

Embark on a spectral journey with Movies R Us as we dissect the hauntingly disappointing "Ouija" (2014) 🎲👻 – a film that attempts to turn a childhood game into a conduit for terror, but ends up rolling snake eyes on the scare scale.In this episode, our hosts Desmond, Justin, and Jeremy wrestle with their mixed emotions about a movie that leaves much to be desired. From milky-eyed spirits to unexplained phenomena, the film's lack of rules and logic leaves our trio scratching their heads in confusion rather than shaking in fear.As we navigate the murky plot, we encounter a group of attractive 20-somethings who must confront a malevolent force unleashed by a Ouija board. But with a narrative as flimsy as the game's planchette, the only true horror is the film's wasted potential.

For those who dare to explore the realm of better horror offerings, our hosts share recommendations that promise genuine chills. From the unsettling "The Visit" to the subversive "Don't Breathe," there's hope for fright-seekers yet.Will "Ouija" make contact with your fear factor, or will it be banished back to the board game closet? Tune in to Movies R Us and find out if this film is a ghostly gem or just a spiritless flop.

(00:00) Desmond says he doesn't want to grow up because he misses games
(03:20) How is your wife? She survived the flight. She had jet lag for about three or four days
(04:56) Jeremy: Justin, did you watch origins of evil on Netflix
(07:29) So did Ouija the second get better ratings than Origins of Evil
(08:34) Apparently they recasted and reshot what scenes from this movie
(10:04) Two little girls are playing with a Ouija board. Nothing really happens
(12:11) Blumhouse: Burning the Ouija board releases spirits, right
(15:24) Jeremy says he never believed in ghosts or otherworldly things growing up
(18:03) The family's child committed suicide in a converted bar on Roosevelt
(21:34) If you're a young soul, you don't really have the tools to move on
(22:02) The disappearance of the parents is bad enough for a horror movie
(23:27) Desmond: The sequel has a well attached to the original
(25:41) There are certain rules that a good horror movie has to abide by
(26:59) One thing you guys missed out from the second one is that Elliot Elliott
(29:41) Jeremy: Why not in a graveyard? Just too, you know, obvious reasons
(32:33) Jeremy: I've done stuff like that all the time
(34:53) Desmond: You guys have to watch happy death day. It's great. Just watch it. You're welcome
(37:42) Justin: I'm definitely wrapping up this movie at the end
(38:04) Justin Bell: Origin of evil is infinitely better than the first one
(41:53) The bad reviews for this movie are so great. On Rotten Tomatoes half star
(43:14) All right. Next. I always forget to bring up my, um, uh, rating system
(44:18) Our rating system is based on a video game difficulty level system
(46:35) One of the things that, uh, the guy who plays Olivia Cook's boyfriend looks 35
(47:13) In real life, movies are amazing. So in a scary movie what would normally happen
(48:09) We're going to get justin's rating, and then we'll do recommendations
(49:49) Jeremy: I have two recommendations for you to watch this week
(53:10) If you haven't seen barbarian, don't look up anything
(54:33) You guys haven't seen Nighthouse? Have I seen it? I saw it in the theater
(57:08) Jeremy: I'm going to turn my fan on because it's hot here 

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