Wolfbrothers & Whitecloaks

Season 3, Episode 3,   Feb 16, 01:00 PM

**Thank the Light: Special Episode - A Convergence of Views**


Join us for a riveting special episode of Thank the Light, where we cross the streams with the esteemed White Cloaks from YouTube for a live and unfiltered conversation. In this half-episode, we delve into the complex weave of political and social issues within The Wheel of Time universe. Listen in as we explore the intricacies of adapting beloved source material for the screen, the nuances of diversity and inclusion, and how these themes resonate with our society today.

While we only present the first segment of this multifaceted dialogue on our podcast, you can continue the journey and access the full discussion via the link in our description notes. Please note, the opinions expressed are those of the individual speakers and may not reflect the views of Thank the Light or Desmond McNeese.

Also, this episode's audio quality might differ from our usual standard, with all our guests sharing a single track, but rest assured, the content remains as engaging as ever. So, strap in for a thought-provoking session with the Wolf Brothers and White Cloaks, and remember to keep an open mind as you navigate through this tapestry of perspectives.

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📋 Episode Chapters

(00:00) This podcast features a conversation between white at white cloaks from YouTube
(03:56) Justin: You knock it out of the park on the lighting
(05:57) Guitar Morosa orchestrated Rand's whole birth right in the books
(09:00) Jeremy and Justin introduced me to fantasy books two years ago
(10:01) Jeremy: I've never live streamed before. I've tripled my speed in preparation for this
(11:58) What was your introduction to the wheel of time series? Jeremy answers first
(14:03) Desmond: I think I like Sanderson more after watching this playthrough
(16:28) Justin: Glad to be here. Good to have you here. Nice to meet you guys
(16:58) So, first question is what are you drinking this time of year
(18:13) There are parts of the show that I like, but it's limited
(21:35) I tricked Desmond into starting this podcast
(22:10) You think the whole series is about cyclical time
(23:48) I liked how the trollocs look. I think the casting is nailed
(27:26) Some say Game of Thrones is exclusively for non-book readers
(34:24) Making Leandrin such a large character detracts from the story
(34:53) Leanne's first scene on the show was basically a lynching
(35:50) Leandrin was second in dialogue this season behind only Moraine
(38:17) There are so many good scenes from the great hunt that they could have done
(41:35) Thank you for listening to thank the light, the Wheel of Time podcast


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