Ex-NFL Super Bowl Player Sergio Brown Denies Killing His Mom… but Evidence Suggests Otherwise

Feb 15, 09:00 AM

Myrtle Simmons-Brown was not just a loving mother, but a leader in her community. Myrtle had just turned 73 and was living in Maywood, Illinois, with her oldest son, Sergio Brown. Sergio is known for his 7 successful seasons playing in the NFL, and for reasons we don’t know, he had moved in with his mom and didn’t have much to his name. And on September 14th and 15th 2023, when neither responded to loved ones, people grew concerned. So, on September 16th, a loved one went to their house to check up on them but found nothing - no sign of forced entry nor of Myrtle and Sergio. It wasn’t until family members reported them missing to police that neighbors got involved in the search. And it was only then, late on the 16th, that Myrtle’s naked body was found wrapped in plastic in a creek bed 150 feet from her own back door. After days of looking for Sergio, he was located in Mexico where he had made several concerning posts on Instagram. He was eventually extradited back to Maywood, where he is now facing a 1st-degree murder charge and a concealment of a dead body charge.

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