The Dominican Hasbulla (ft The Kid Mero)

Episode 331,   Feb 15, 01:00 AM

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The Kid Mero joins Noel. The two talk Taylor Swift, Mero’s connection with Lewis Hamilton, the unstoppable power of Viagra (and other drugs). Plus, why second string players are secretly GOATED and how your name equates to how much weed your parents smoked.

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Hosted by Cody Ko & Noel Miller, Created by TMG Studios, Cody Ko & Noel Miller, and Produced by TMG Studios, Cody Ko & Noel Miller. 

0:00 podcasting hard
3:21 Intro
4:27 shoutout t-swift
8:13 fame in the box
9:49 viagra power
10:49 audible
12:31 viagra & other drugs
15:03 dominican hasbulla
18:05 horny and old 
20:04 jewish neighborhoods
21:36 italian cap & cops
22:41 doordash
24:02 cool parents
24:55 watch busted
26:41 shooting
31:19 gamestop neckbeard
32:35 is he black? 
34:51 betterhelp
35:59 betting on taylor
36:49 car guys
40:01 f1 connection
41:03 glazing lewis
45:11 cody’s doppelgänger 
46:39 rocket money
48:10 brooklyn gentrification
49:16 math hoffa
52:25 sean price 
59:34 (from the back)