MP S07.E28: Ryan's Choice

Feb 19, 10:00 AM

Kyle's just trying to work with his hands and listen to the ocean, but everyone keeps letting him down.

As soon as they got back together, Kyle and Amanda promised to step back from their high-pressure jobs and focus on each other. He had no problem doing that, so why can't Amanda?! And should we be worried that he and Jane -- whose back stairs he is taking forever to build -- have such an easy rapport? Peter is fighting two different wars: against Dr. Shulman's savage cuts at the hospital, and against consequences of Eve's many dumb decisions. Amanda comes through in the clutch on the latter, and an unexpected turn of events regarding the land Peter inherited from his hated father might change the calculus on the former. We are also all required to learn more about Ryan, very much against our will, and although the person he SHOULD be telling his secrets is Megan, he decides to confess sex with Lexi in Mexico and blow up their relationship instead. We hope you'll choose to join us for our podcast on "Ryan's Choice"!


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