Episode #3 - Kate Mason

Episode 3,   Feb 21, 07:00 AM

Episode 3 of ‘’Where’s your clubhouse?’’ podcast 

In this episode, we spoke with the brilliant sports broadcaster Kate Mason 

We spoke with Kate about: 

🌎 The early days of growing up around the world
🏝 Connecting to like-minded people
👩  The importance of female role models in broadcasting
🎙️ Finding your broadcast voice
🇶🇦 Navigating the pre-Qatar World Cup perceptions
 🗣️ Exploring a Clash of Cultures & Difficult Conversations
 🏏 Embracing new horizons 
🏘️ Her clubhouse (of course!)

We spoke in detail with Kate about the fascinating and insightful award-winning short podcast series ‘’Inside the Qatar World Cup'' with the football ramble team. 

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