Episode #6 - Nathan Horrocks

Episode 6,   Mar 12, 06:30 AM

Episode #6 of ''Where's your clubhouse?'' podcast 

In this episode and with it being Cheltenham Festival week, we spoke with former Jockey turned equine storyteller Nathan Horrocks. For those of you enjoying the truly unique view of ''Ref-cam'' in this year's 6 Nations championship, here about the origin story and plans for the future.  

*Trigger Warning*

 We spoke with Nathan about: 

🌎 From North Yorkshire to Kenya & back
🏇The obvious highs & the hidden lows of a professional jockey
😢 Dealing with and processing trauma Feeling grateful for his failed suicide attempt
❓The evolution of storytelling & @jockeycam
🏘️ His clubhouse (of course!) 

Check out Nathans's superbly hard-hitting but very real film ''The Fall'' Here 

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