Abducted & Left in a Burning Car: What Happened to Mercedes Vega?

Feb 22, 09:00 AM

A huge thank you to Erika, Tom, Alahzay, Makenzie, and Astilia for participating in this case. Their effort these last few weeks has made this episode possible, and I am so grateful for their time and energy.

A note from Erika to detectives: 

Dear MCSO, FBI and the Great state of Arizona. 
Your dismissive attitude towards my daughter’s murder is disgusting. The unimportance of her life is obvious. Your ignorance of reality and unwillingness to tell me why my daughter is gone pisses me off. If anyone deserves to know why she is gone, it’s me.
It’s been almost a year... Explain to me why you can’t give her mamma an answer as to why she is gone!!! Why can’t you tell the mamma of this beautiful woman why her baby is dead!?!?
Why do her siblings, cousins, grandparents, and her incredible friends continue to wait? No reason, no comfort, no answers?? Why do we have to continue to look over our shoulders for the killer of our loved one? Why are you not sharing details? Why aren’t you reaching out to the public for answers. Why are you unable to provide answers to these questions? Are you just ignoring us? Is she that unimportant to you? It can’t be that hard. I need you to find the ANSWERS!

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