Dolan's Cadillac with Wynter Mitchell

Episode 219,   Feb 21, 09:00 AM

The Kingcast boys finally dive into arguably the very worst direct adaptation of a Stephen King story: 2009's Dolan's Cadillac starring Christian Slater and American Beauty's Wes Bentley.

Joining us is fellow podcaster and Kingcast favorite guest Wynter Mitchell (Tangent Island) who hated the movie even more than we did. Why is this movie so bad? Could a good movie ever be made from this short story or is it doomed to only ever work on the page? Who comes out of this adaptation squeaky clean (lookin' at you Christian Slater) and who doesn't (lookin' at you everybody else), and what horrors await when you IMDB director Jeff Beesley? All those questions are answered (and so many more) in this extra rowdy episode.

Dolan's Cadillac is about a man seeking revenge against a mobster after said mobster bumped her off. It's not a straight line to his revenge, though, and the man ultimately concocts an elaborate scheme to bury the mobster in his own Caddy with the help of a deserted stretch of highway and some borrowed construction equipment. This is King tackling Poe and... well, it works on the page. The movie... not so much.