Being Eaten Alive

Feb 22, 04:55 PM

Join hosts Ed Voccola (Rick and Morty, Bless The Harts) and Chris Cullari (Blumhouse, The Aviary) for a wild trip through the world of what scares them.

This week, the boys take on the role of "prey" to explore what happens when animals get hungry and humans are on the menu. Whales, Bugs, Bears - oh my!

Don't love every word we say? Ok, weirdo. Here's some "chapters" to find what you DO love:

00:00:00 -Talkin’ Dogs!
00:08:02 - Talkin’ Housekeeping!
00:09:40 - Talkin’ things that want to bite Ed!
00:13:03 - Talkin’ Vorarephobia!
00:19:42 - Talkin’ Vorarephilia!
00:23:18 - Talkin’ Whales!
00:33:11 - Talkin’ Sharks!
00:45:07 - Talkin’ Bears!
00:53:43 - Talkin’ Creatures of the Amazon!
01:04:49 - Talkin’ Bugs!
01:10:12 - Talkin’ Humans!
01:30:09 - Talkin’ Fear Tiers! 

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NOTE: Ads out of our control may affect chapter timing.