AI, Neurodiversity & Mental Health with Zareen Ali, CEO and Co-Founder of Cogs AI

Season 3, Episode 32,   Feb 22, 02:00 PM

How can societal and workplace structures support neurodiverse individuals and help them thrive? Find out in this episode of Tech Can’t Save Us.

Zareen Ali, CEO and Co-Founder of Cogs AI, aims to redefine mental wellbeing support for the neurodiverse community, recognizing the unique challenges and strengths of individuals with neurodiversity. Neurodiversity encompasses a range of neurological differences, and embracing it can enhance creativity, problem-solving, and productivity in the workplace. However, societal and workplace structures often overlook the needs of neurodiverse individuals, leading to higher unemployment rates and mental health issues among this group. Cogs AI seeks to bridge this gap by offering tailored support that not only aids in mental wellbeing but also leverages the unique abilities of neurodiverse individuals for greater societal and economic benefits. Paul and Will discuss the transformative potential of inclusive technologies like Cogs AI in fostering a more supportive and diversified society in this episode of Tech Can't Save Us.