Episode 39 - Boosting Beliefs & Strengthening Self-Esteem

Season 2, Episode 39,   Feb 22, 06:45 PM

When our students face changes and challenges both inside and outside school walls, where can they turn to confess their concerns, discuss their doubts, and shout out their successes?  NCSD school counselors are always there to make sure ALL students feel seen, supported, and most importantly, celebrated for who they are.  In this episode, it’s a conversation full of compassion as we’re joined by a school counselor from each level:  Clackamas High School’s Laura Nelson, Alder Creek Middle School’s Stephanie Atkinson, and Scouters Mountain Elementary’s Jessica Winfrey.  Together, they explain how they help meet student and family needs by lending advice, a helping hand, or sometimes, simply a listening ear.