The Reset Rebel meets Aguascopio

Episode 190,   Feb 28, 02:00 AM

Aguascopio is an all-female art collective living in Ibiza. Since 2021 we have made art which fuses artistic swimming, costume design and drone photography.

 Annabelle Widmann grew up in Ibiza and is a costume designer as well as performer. Her work has been seen in parties and clubs such as Woomoon and Chinois in Ibiza, as well as in festivals and exhibitions around the world.  For Aguascopio she provides costumes, some original music, and she is also one of the performers.

 Liz Kueneke grew up in the United States but has been living in Ibiza since 2009. She is a multidisciplinary artist and curator and has had art residencies in the Hangar: Centre de Producció d ́Arts Visuals (Barcelona) and The Outpost for Contemporary Art (Los Angeles).

Tasya Menaker was born in Siberia but grew up in the United States. She has lived in Ibiza since 2013 where she has worked as an event and portrait photographer. For Aguascopio she is the drone operator, as well as the photography and video editor. She has been published in Rolling Stone and Forbes magazines and has exhibited her work in cities around the world including Chicago, New York City and Barcelona.

Tonight Feb 28th, the trio will appear at the CINE fest Ibiza in Santa Eulalia with the world premiere of their Be Like Water film.

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