Son of Jailed YouTuber Ruby Franke Celebrates Her Imprisonment for Child Abuse

Feb 27, 11:00 AM

In a chilling revelation of the fractured dynamics within the Franke family, Chad Franke, the eldest son of disgraced YouTube personality Ruby Franke, expressed his delight at her imprisonment for child abuse. The 19-year-old's unbridled joy was captured in a now-deleted TikTok video, shared by his girlfriend, just days before Ruby and her former business partner, Jodi Hildebrandt, were sentenced for the harrowing torture endured by Ruby's six children.

The sentencing, meted out by a judge, mandated the terms of their plea agreement – four counts of one to 15 years, served consecutively, leading to a maximum sentence of 30 years due to Utah law. Despite the severity of her sentence, Ruby, aged 42, has chosen not to appeal her imprisonment, signaling a somber acceptance of her fate.

Chad's apparent elation was palpable as he exited the courthouse following his estranged mother's sentencing. Ruby, in a poignant moment during the hearing, emotionally addressed her children, apologizing for the anguish she caused them. "I will never stop crying for hurting your tender souls. You’re so precious to me. I’m sorry," she expressed tearfully, acknowledging the deep pain inflicted upon her offspring.

Prior to her arrest in August 2023, Ruby had been estranged from Chad and her eldest daughter, Shari, as a result of the abuse they endured. Concerns about the Franke children first arose after unsettling content surfaced in the family's YouTube videos, prompting a visit from Child Protective Services. Despite the visit, authorities closed the case, much to the dismay of concerned onlookers.

Shari, Ruby's 20-year-old daughter, expressed relief at her mother's incarceration, underscoring the family's long-standing struggle for justice. Ruby's four minor children remain under state care, while her estranged husband seeks guardianship over their 16-year-old daughter, Abby.

In a startling admission, Ruby, who had vehemently denied allegations of abuse, confessed to torturing her children in her plea agreement. Details of the plea painted a grim picture of the abuse endured by her offspring, including suffocation, physical restraints, and other forms of torment.

As the Franke family grapples with the aftermath of Ruby's conviction and imprisonment, the harrowing saga sheds light on the enduring trauma inflicted by domestic abuse and the quest for justice in its wake. Amidst the somber proceedings, Chad's celebratory response serves as a stark reminder of the profound wounds left by familial betrayal and the long road to healing ahead.

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