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Episode 500,   Feb 28, 10:00 AM

Alison Herman returns to discuss FX's / Hulu's new adaptation of an historical epic!

James Clavell's doorstop of a novel Shōgun was already adapted as a network miniseries when your three regular panelists were all kids. Now it's getting a cable and streaming take, and you know what that means: beheadings and boobs! Variety TV critic Alison Herman returns to join us in describing everything ELSE that's also going on. Around The Dial takes us through S03 of Abbott Elementary, S02 of Tokyo Vice, and the grand (or is it) finale of True Detective: Night Country. Returning submitter Francoise makes a case for the Better Things episode "Rising" to be inducted into the Canon. Then, after naming the week's Winner and Loser, it's on to The One Where We Wonder What Time It Is (it's Game Time). Put on your most sumptuous silks and join us!


👤 Alison Herman


Lead Topic: 🏯 Shōgun

Around The Dial: 🎒 Abbott Elementary

Around The Dial: 🚨 Tokyo Vice

Around The Dial: 👮 True Detective

The Canon: 🏖️ Better Things

Winner & Loser: 👍 Glaring SNL band member

Winner & Loser: 👎 Netflix

Game Time: 🏆 The One With The Canon Episodes


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📷 Photo: Katie Yu / FX