Breaking the Mold: Anna DeShawn's Social Entrepreneurial Impact for BIPOC and QTPOC Podcasting Creatives

Season 5, Episode 61,   Feb 28, 03:00 AM

We continue to celebrate Black History month with multi-award winner and Ambie award-winning host Anna DeShawn, as she pioneers the media landscape with a blend of rhythm and revolution from E3 Radio, to The Queer News Podcast and now, The Qube app that curates the best music and podcasts by BIPOC and QTPOC creators.  Recently inducted into the Chicago LGBT Hall of Fame 2023, Anna's mission is clear - From her early days at E3, Anna has been dedicated to creating a bigger platform for marginalized voices by creating the Qube and The Queer News Podcast. Her passion for elevating the stories and perspectives of BIPOC and QTPOC individuals has led to her becoming one of the most influential figures in the podcast media industry, as she brings us the Queer News as it happens, delivering stories and insights that traditional legacy media often overlooks. Her work is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is considered mainstream, ensuring that the narratives of BIPOC and QTPOC communities are brought to the forefront of media consumption. Through her pioneering efforts and support through Tech Rise in Chicago, Anna is not only informing her audience but also empowering them by reinforcing the importance of building inclusivity and diversity in tech with the stories we share and consume. Gracias, Anna for joining us today on Latinas From The Block To The Boardroom.

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