Wellbeing - Beyond Alcohol with Positive Change - Alex and Marcus

Episode 107,   Mar 04, 07:47 PM

Warning – This podcast mentions suicide, alcoholism, drugs and general addiction. There is also a bit of bad language. 

Today, I speak to Alex Clapp about his troubled times with Alcoholism. We also hear from his son. Alex is in recovery and has set up an organisation and business to show that alcohol is not required to enjoy oneself! 

Check out the app Claritee for details of Club Soba. 

Club Soba has monthly events in Liverpool, Manchester and Chester each month. Check out the app for details. 

Chester – Thursday 14 March 7 to 11.

Liverpool – Thursday 21st March 7 to 11. 

Manchester – Thursday 4th April 7 to 11. 

The Alcoholics Anonymous website (UK) is here - https://www.alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk/ 

There are also ‘Anonymous’ groups for other drug addictions that you can find online. 

https://nacoa.org.uk/ - Nacoa focus on helping those with parents who are struggling with alcohol. 

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