Vanished Weeks Before Her Dream Wedding: What Happened to Niqui McCown?

Mar 07, 09:00 AM

Niqui McCown was a 28-year-old mother living in Richmond, Indiana, with her 9-year-old daughter, Payton, and her fiancé, Bobby Webster. In July of 2001, they were 3 weeks away from their wedding, and Niqui was said to have been very excited. But on the 22nd of that month, she vanished. After going to church that morning, she took some clothes to the laundromat, and rather than wait around for them to be ready, she went to her mother’s house, who lived not too far away. When she got there, she explained that she was being harassed by two men, and so her mom advised her to get her clothes and come back over. But after Niqui left, she was never seen again. Suspicion fell on her fiancé for a while, and it also fell on Payton’s father. But the true main suspect was her coworker, Tommy Swint. During the course of the investigation, it was discovered that Tommy was responsible for the murder of a woman back in 1991. But before any arrests could be made, Tommy took his life. Many believe he also took the answers as to what happened to Niqui with him.

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