Lisa ‘The Side Hustle Sister’ pt2

Season 2, Episode 10,   Mar 07, 01:35 AM

Jump in to the eagerly awaited second part of our exclusive interview with Money Influencer of the Year nominee Lisa Ebsworth, 'The Side Hustle Sister," in this latest podcast episode. Host Des Hamilton, an emerging authority in the e-commerce realm, shares an exciting glimpse into the future with talk of an impending rebrand as his challenge draws to a close. Des goes in-depth on his February results, revealing the significant earnings made through e-commerce, setting the stage for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Join us as we catch up with award nominee Lisa Ebsworth, who is on the cusp of a monumental achievement – paying off her debt within days! Lisa opens up about the side hustles she's experimented with, the ones she’s continued, and her plans post-debt freedom. It’s a deep dive into determination, strategy, and the sheer will to succeed against financial odds.

In addition to Lisa’s inspiring journey, Des shares his latest insights on the law of attraction, emphasising its role in his success and how a positive mindset can manifest real-world results. And, of course, no episode is complete without our 'Tip of the Week,' aimed at providing you with actionable advice to propel your side hustle forward.

Sprinkled throughout with Des's usual bad jokes and good wisdom, this episode is not just a conversation but a treasure trove of motivation, strategies, and insights for anyone looking to conquer debt, dive into e-commerce, or simply seek inspiration to start their side hustle journey. Whether you're a seasoned hustler or just starting, tune in to learn, laugh, and leap towards your financial freedom.

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Let's rally behind 'The Side Hustle Sister' and embrace the wisdom of looking after our pennies, as we all work towards a more financially secure and prosperous life. 

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