24| Meth and Mammoth Mountain

Mar 08, 05:00 AM

You never know what your addiction might be- drugs? Alcohol? An adrenaline rush? Sports? Health and fitness? When you have an addiction, it’s hard to give up, but easy to fill the void with something else. 

And that’s exactly what Eric LeMarque did. He lost hockey and found meth, and then found snow boarding. 

But when a storm rolled into Mammoth Mountain and sweat over the Sierra Nevadas, Eric felt the rules of the resort closing didn’t apply to him. He was a pro, after all. 

And then, he learned how Mother Nature plays but her own secret set of rules. 

Welcome to Tragedy with a View. 

The outdoors are a beautiful that can be filled with light and bliss and many different ways to bring yourself closer to those you love and yourself. But they can also be filled with terror and death, imminent and oppressive. Join me as we dig into these stories that inspire you to be just a little bit more careful while you’re in the outdoors. Please rate and subscribe from whatever listening platform you use. 

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